Daenerys Targaryen is one of the characters from “A Song of Ice and Fire”

Bad plan (part I)

The idea sends into his hands Jon Snow, king of the north, and a handful of important men, including Ser Davos Seaworth; Gendry, the last (as far as we know) surviving son of Robert Baratheon; Jorah Mormont, husband of Mallory Rubin and decisive advisor to Queen Daenerys; Thyros Myris, who can bring people back to life; Tormund Giantsbane, Outstanding Director of Free Folk; A dog that I like; and Beric Dondarrion, who has died many times, if it doesn’t matter, it’s just stupid to take the battle north of the wall. This is madness. This is a bad plan. This happened before we got to the area where no one on the track had dragon glass guns handy and ready to go.

Bad plan (part II)

Part II is undoubtedly worse than the part that started with sending the king to kidnap a zombie. Especially since he relied completely on the trust of Cersei Lannister, an obviously unreliable man, to ensure the safety of his enemies. Dany, Jon and their main allies and supporters would present the captured soldiers to Queen Cerse in Port-Réal. This evidence would convince Cersei to join the fight against white walkers.

Even to remove the fact that Cersei is untrustworthy and known (for example, he had recently blown up the big seven of Baelor and the surrounding areas and murdered many noble men and women, as well as religious fanatics. Dany was not needed.

Even after the closest eruption, which turned north, Dany had two dragons left. Why not fly two angry guys over Red Keep and melt this thing like a candlestick? A minimal number of civilian casualties and unnecessary property harm maximum opportunism. It was a bad plan.

“Looooooooooooooot Traiiiiiiiiiiiii”

A George R.R. Martin’s underrated skills are his ability to name names. Here are some of his battle names: “Field of Fire,” “Battle of the Red Grass Field,” “Grab Griffin’s Ear,” “Battle of Black Water.”

Compare that to the “Loot Train Attack” series, Episode 4’s engagement title, “The Spoils of War,” which looks like the production name is stuck. In the fabric of the world, small details often make a difference. No one in the Thrones game world would call this battle “Loot Train Attack”.

No ghost

Don’t go to Mallory Rubin’s corner, but where was Ghost? Werewolves are semi-legendary creatures and a symbol of House Stark. You would think that unlike his people and adviser, Jon travels south to meet the Dragon Queen, he will bring his own amazing animal. You know, like flexible. Why don’t you take him to the north of the wall during the Bad Plan attack? WHERE ARE BOTH?

Blow on the wall

Humanity’s defenders are overwhelmed and overwhelmed. But they had three important pieces of information:

1. The Night King certainly came to attack the wall.

2. When the attack took place, it most likely took place in the Eastwatch-by-the-Sea area.

3. Dragon glass kills white walkers and fights.

Okay. So when Night King arrives, Tormund, Beric, guys, WHERE ARE THE GLASS TIPS? WHERE ARE GLASS PROTECTORS What are we doing here? WE FAST PEOPLE, ARE NOT? WHY DON’T YOU MAKE THIS?

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