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Game of Thrones Review and Summary

Part 1

Overall, the episode “Throne Game” is strong, although the series still has little questions about who is who in this rather complex world. Luckily, as I listened to the first six episodes, I would like to share that the series is gaining momentum, so I hope you all keep an eye on it!

Right now, what about a recap and review of what happened this week … and yes, there are spoilers, which is why we delayed the release until the East Coast episode came out, so the West Coast might not want to. Let’s take a look at it above.

Emilia Clarke Daenerys as Targaryen (pictured) is easily the best part of the Throne game right now. When the second episode of “The Kingsroad” begins, he is an evolving character and audiences can enjoy the growth within. The rest of the crew, The Lannisters, The Starks – these are all characters that we gradually learn, but they are also established archetypes (plan, glorious man, that mother) when the beautiful Daenerys is his most impotent … but growing stronger .

Episode 2 begins with him on horseback, recently opened, completely unsure of himself. He is hungry and tired for the journey, and there is only edible horse meat there. A fitting symbol for his alliance with King Dothrak, Khal Drogo, soon played by the new Conan, Jason Momoa. Daenerys must use its new partners to succeed. His brother, the evil Viserys Targaryen (Harry Lloyd), seizes Dothraki and tries to pull away the army that Drogo promised to sell his sister.

We are then led to the only lightness in the series, Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage). He gives tough advice to his young nephew, Joffrey (Jack Gleeson), spoiled, if ever there was one. Joffrey is a problem for everyone throughout the series, starting with this episode.

This brings us to the weakest part of the series yet, Lady Stark (Michelle Fairley). It’s not that he’s bad, there’s no one on the show, it’s that he’s not fulfilling the necessary “oomph” role required for the role. Or at least he hasn’t done it yet. Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) is in a coma, a victim of first-time events. You may remember the events mentioned; it was a very tall window and a very illegal act.

Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), on the other hand, is good enough to deliver exactly what’s planned with the character. He is both smoky and demeaning. He tortures Jon Snowa (Kit Harington) a little while Jon prepares to “take the variety,” but before he leaves, he gives Arya (Maisie Williams) a small sword.

Jon Snow says goodbye to Bran, but Lady Stark remains a spiky reminder of Lord Stark’s infidelity for a long time. Lord Stark (Sean Bean) says goodbye to Lady Stark, says goodbye and says goodbye on her behalf, but not too emotional for her. This is the north road, winter is coming. The relationship between Lord Stark and King Robert is still established, Robert is quite convinced that Daenerys’ wedding will lead to war, while Ned Stark looks pretty untouched.


Daenyrys is just part of her new husband, we get another quick scene and then it’s back to Jon Snow. I have no more Daenyrys! Snow, Tyrion gives advice (he always gives helpful advice) and Jon keeps baking “on the wall, because I’m an asshole”.

There’s a bit of excitement when a mysterious assassin tries to stop Bran, but Bran Dire Wolf protects him, just to remind you how much we all want to see more of Stark Wolves. At this point, Lady Stark turns from depression into action as she begins to create a chain of events that led to Bran’s downfall. He decides that he must warn Lord Stark about the infamous Lannisters, and he must deliver the message himself.

Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) arrives at her bride Joffrey and they share the ride. Unfortunately, this walk must end in a bloodbath when they encounter Aryan practicing swordplay on the coast. Joffrey threatens and then mocks his training partner (the butcher’s son), which turns into an all-out battle between Arya and Joffrey. Of course Ayra’s terrible wolf intervenes.

Arya is forced to chase Wolf Dire, so he doesn’t get caught or killed due to Prince Joffrey’s attack. A child’s fall has become terrible because of it

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