Theon Greyjoy

The throne play is not repeated

After years of public calls, DC fans have been grounded in The Snyder Cut magazine, which was published last month. The win wasn’t so much about being right – the cup is a much improved version of the Justice League series – but the grassroots initiative was initially able to bring about such a change. (The director and the actors supporting the actor really didn’t hurt.)

After such a win, of course, attention was drawn to the game of Thrones, which left such a bad taste last season that it continued two years later. A lot of fans, like me, never really get over it. Last season’s banality completely overshadows the rest of the show’s splendor; I have the first seven seasons on a Blu-ray disc, but I’m not going to watch it anytime soon. Fans may rightly think that if HBO corrects the Justice League, they can certainly do the same for Thrones.

I feel it. Indeed, I know. But it is a terrible idea. First of all, logistical matters must be taken into account. Snyder Cut was filmed and dropped during production, first because Joss Whedon was involved in the project and later after Snyder left for personal reasons. The pictures were all there, Snyder just had to put together his version.

The throne play has been recreated

there would be no duplication at all. Of course, you can probably use a lot of the material from Season 8. But you need all the new footage to fix the many mistakes you made in Season 8. You need the whole season (at least!) To see Dany’s progress as a chain breaker for a crazy queen. Dany is just the most horrible character killed by the last endangered season – Jamie, Brienne, Tyrion, Jon, The Night King, etc. They’ve all been short. I can’t think of any character that hasn’t gotten worse in some way in Season 8. You can’t solve these problems without new material.
Thanks to the new photos, you have to return everything. Actors, actors, costume designers and directors, directors, editors, etc. Going back to the whole actor? What if Kit Harington decides he played Jon Snow? Do you really want to change it?

It is said that everyone is choking to go back and correct the wrong one. This is the next problem and possibly the biggest: what’s the story? Who writes? The first issues were hidden when the exhibition passed the books, starting in the 5th and 6th seasons. In terms of source material, we are in the same place we were 10 years ago – George RR Martin’s is not finished with the next book yet. This means that the performance adapts the gaze to where George thinks the story will go. That begs a new question: Fixing season 8 really means doing seasons 9 and 10. Again without ready-made books.

But wait – hasn’t GRRM just signed a 5-year deal with HBO for a ridiculous amount to develop more Thrones projects online? The conspiracy hat is stuck, but what if GRRM writes the actual rerun? Maybe he has finally accepted that he will never finish books, but maybe he can save the legacy of the exhibition tied to his if he writes the manuscripts for them. Missing seasons. After all, he was a Hollywood screenwriter for many years, writing the episode in some of the game’s early seasons, Thrones.

Do you see how far this all is?

Fans have always been loud about what they like, and especially what they don’t like, about their favorite things. It’s part of the pleasure of being a fan – to share your opinion, reinforce your thoughts, find like-minded people. Most of the following social medioistani are made up of people, which I’ve connected more than Star Wars or MCU or D & amp; D. Most of the time, the bond has developed with our loved ones, but sometimes it’s scandalous that we don’t like it.

I’m afraid The Snyder Cut’s success will only encourage fans to demand changes in things they don’t like simply because they don’t like it. As much as I hate the rise of Skywalker, it’s a terrible idea to continue with the movie. Cross-checks and retransmissions are just an attempt to restore the past; I want to continue.
The perception of fans is just that – an opinion. Often biased, usually ill-informed. And above all: it doesn’t matter. Statements are cheap, easy to format, and just as easy to change. A creative player who plays with the chasing audience

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