King Robert I Baratheon

The throne play will soon precede Broadway

There are many things a skilled writer could do with a universe as large and rich as Westeros. As it turns out, turning the events that led to the iconic Thrones game’s story into a Broadway production is one of those ways worth exploring. The Hollywood Reporter report shows author George R. Martin Martin’s theatrical adaptation of the epic fantasy universe is coming, and frankly, it makes perfect sense. The intensity and drama of this world works beautifully on screen, but the stage has the potential to become a theater!

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you can plan a trip to Broadway in 2023 (the year the play is expected to begin performances). The actual story takes place 16 years before the events of the Ice and Fire song series and takes place during the Great Harrenhal Tournament. The events that took place in the tournament have a pretty big impact on the overall story of the Thrones game without going into spoilers for those who may still be immersed in the series. So if there was one story to adapt to the scene, it was.

Throne play and curtains

Series author George RR Martin told The Hollywood Reporter: “Few Westeros knew of the carnage that was to come when high-profile children and young people gathered in Harrenhal to watch the kingdom’s finest knights. my novel, A Song of Ice and Fire … and now we can finally tell the whole story … on stage.

Martin is involved in the production of the play along with playwright Duncan Macmillan. Martin is an incredibly busy person as he also works on numerous other HBO TV shows, all based on the A Song of Ice and Fire universe. So if you are a fan you have a lot to expect.

Drones do more than ‘see’

It is true that drones are vision machines: they orbit through the sky with a fixed eye on the ground and emit images to their control point. The images you send to most drones are optical. Thermal imaging is also common in military aircraft and in law enforcement, border control, and even animal welfare.

But drones are also computers that collect information about height, speed, location and more.

My research shows that this combination of antenna display, remote control and data creation changes the way we view the world. The images from the drone dispel the differences between the war and the homeland, man and machine.

Drones are becoming more independent. Drone’s vision defines the modern aesthetic of warfare, but is also increasingly present in new art forms, activism and a culture of recommendation and advertising.

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