“Game of Thrones” cast members

What happened to the Game of Thrones in 2017?

Season 7 of the throne play was bad. It was weird, the plot units were dangerously close to the Deus ex machina area and the characters demanded to forget things they should have remembered, and the fans learned things they knew about the game. The effect was a blatant and refreshing cartoon moment (Dany rode a Drogon, a big black dragon that lit up helpless Lannister troops) that spawned beautiful furious plots (entire armies appeared from scratch; Jaime Lannister returned to his feet, thousands of Dothraker- warriors roamed the countryside).

But it does not matter. Not in a concrete sense. We have come too far, to experience, not to see through it. The book series on which the presentation is based is notoriously unfinished and threatens to remain so. So the fan of the thrones is perfect. The show is a worldwide phenomenon: the most popular program on TV (an average of 31 million people watched every episode) and the most pirated program (season 7 has been seen more than a billion times illegally). This, as my colleague Alison Herman pointed out, is the latest piece of television monoculture. Season 8 could consist of the shit moms move for 120 minutes, and the episodes would still be average numbers roughly analogous to the Malaysian people. This enormous popularity has deep roots. The Throne Game, the first book in George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, was released in 1996. The fourth book, A Feast for Crows, was released in 2005 and was # 1 on the New York Times bestseller list. York Times Everything must be said: the throne play is critically challenged because of its enormous weight.

Euro Greyjoys wardrobe

The decision is in line with the euro. Like her costumes are much improved freak. When the King of the Iron Islands sat on the throne of Port-Réal to meet Queen Cersei, he returned with tired, salt-colored linen, a coat and a rusty breastplate. During Season 6. We’ve been replaced by a black Robert Smith sex goth Meet Rick Owens leather jacket that resembles Kraken embroidery, a black double breasted shirt and black leather pants.

Sex boat

Fans of the exhibition and Martin’s books have waited six years and more than two decades, respectively, for the various mysteries to be revealed and the storylines to be solved. Most importantly, who are Joni’s parents? When will Jon and Dany meet? Who is finally on the throne of the iron?

The first was answered in the series “Winter Winds”, the best episode in the series. Rhaegar Targaryen, son of a mad king and former crown prince of the kingdom, and Lyanna Stark, Ned Stark’s tough and beautiful sister, were eventually confirmed as Jon’s parents. “Queen’s Justice”, the third episode of Season 7, gave us the long-awaited meeting of the wolf and the dragon.

The third question has not yet been answered. But the theory that remains after the epic age of the throne is that the future ruler of the seven kingdoms will be a child brought forth by the alliance of Jon and Dany’s sex ships.

That is too logical. Since his resurrection, Jon has displayed a troubling promise of death that has run past his troops, attempting to conquer all of Bolton’s cavalry alone in a battle of bastards; Leave the north and head south to Dragonstone, which never ends well for the Starks; and the madness of Parts I and II of Bad Plan (add a little more). I don’t think Jon will probably survive to the end. I saw him sacrifice himself to defeat the Night King.

As for Danyy, whose uterus I expect to accelerate, as in the books, [voice all George R.R. Martin], a long-standing tale of Targaryen’s difficult births is too much to ignore. Lyanna Stark, Joni’s mother who dies on a blood mattress, are examples of recent years; Queen Rhaella, the wife of a mad king who will endure years of difficult pregnancies, dead and unborn children; Princess Elijah narrowly survives the birth of Rhaenys and Aegon, her children Rhaegar; and depending on Tyrion’s location is Targ Theory, Joanna Lannister. I don’t think Dany is giving up either. I hope I’m wrong.

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