Why Critics Hate Viewers Love ABC “Good Doctor”

Few performances have completely divided critics and viewers into the ABC’s new “ Good Doctor ” movie. The performance gets strong acceptance from 90 percent of the audience, but a poor 37 percent from Rotten Tomatoes ratings.


This 53 percentage point difference is huge and rivals the announcements of some of the biggest TV shows or movies on the online review site. (In comparison, the critically hated 2013 Adam Sandler movie “I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” has a difference of 55 percentage points.)

Critics seem to think that “good doctor” – a great autistic surgeon – is too sentimental. But viewers are embracing that sentimentality and raw feeling. The show is a big hit for ABC and Any Network’s latest drama this fall.

The performance is both melodramatic and powerful. The season premiere features flashbacks depicting the terrible start to Dr. Shaun Murphy, actor Freddie Highmore, show. We are talking about death and homelessness.

Highmore doesn’t have many rules, but his short speeches are strong. He simply explains to administrators who do not dare to hire him why he wants to become a surgeon. At other times, he asks doctors why they are rude or arrogant.

The dialogue may have shrunk slightly. The doctor wonders that Dr. Murphy saves the boy at the airport with an impromptu operation: “He’s breathing! You saved his life! Then to the crowd around them,” He saved his life! Everyone is happy.

The president of the hospital, who asked for Dr. Murphy, gives a warm speech to the reluctant government, which was concerned that an autistic doctor could lead to lawsuits, including this sentence: “We hire Shaun and run this hospital. Better for him. ”

Yes, the show works hard to draw your heart. Most of the time it works. The performance is entertaining, dramatic and fascinating.

Good luck

The success is a coup for actor Daniel Dae Kim, a former Bethlehem resident who bought the rights to the Korean drama “Good Doctor” and is the lead producer of the US version. Kim presents other exhibitions with her new production company.

The creative force of the show is David Shore, who also created the drama “House” about a brilliant doctor who also had problems with other people. Shore made no apologies for the emotional level of the “good doctor.”

“There is an honest, shameless honesty in this show that I find very refreshing,” said Shore Indiewire. “She makes you cry without a problem.”

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